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Thank you so much for guiding me in my home purchase. My schedule working in the medical field is extremely demanding so I have precious little time that can be wasted. After all of my years of schooling and getting settled in my practice, I have just now gotten around to buying my first home. My home buying experience with you guys though was excellent. You worked around my busy schedule, and respected my time by making sure that you had everything ready for me so that when I actually did have time to go looking at homes, it was extremely efficient. In fact, you showed me the home I ended up buying on only our second time going out and looking. You gave me all the information, pictures, videos, and documents I needed right away so I was able to make my decision with no delays. I also wanted to mention that I was very pleased when you negotiated a $20,000 savings off the price of the home. I will definitely recommend you guys to my colleagues and business partners.
Dr. Wayne Liou
I just wanted to say you did an awesome job selling our home. I have to be honest with you, we have not had good experiences with realtors in the past and this made me hesitant to even hire you. But you have changed my opinion, not all realtors are bad. Our home sold for 99% of the asking price in only 6 days!! We were so happy, that we referred you to another friend of ours who owned some property in Las Vegas and who is actually a Realtor in another state! You proved us right again by selling her home in 1 day for 100% of the asking price. Agents like you definitely give realtors a good name! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for getting us the highest possible price for our home in the shortest amount of time!
Lisa Murphy
We just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding us our first home. We looked at so many and you never once got tired or frustrated with us. You let us have as much time as we needed to make a very important decision in our life. When you showed us the house that had a floorplan we fell in love with, you guided us in making an offer. Unfortunately the property was in such poor condition, it was better left for another buyer. We were so discouraged because we really loved that layout, but there was no other home available in town with the same floorplan. What you did next went above and beyond what any normal realtors would do! Nicole and I were very pleasantly surprised when you told us, that you found us the same floorplan in another home in the same neighborhood. You guys actually convinced the owners to sell their home when it wasn’t even for sale, and on top of it all, the home was in excellent condition. You even negotiated a price that was $5,000 less than the other home! And it was trashed! Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience, and for getting us the home we really wanted so we didn’t feel like we had to settle!
Glen and Nicole Gulutzan Head Couch of the Las Vegas Wranglers
I am truly impressed at what you accomplished in selling one of our homes. You see, I know the real estate industry very well, since I to am a realtor. My license to practice is in Arizona though, so I took a recommendation from a friend who also hired you, and gave you a call. Since I am also in this industry, I pretty much knew what a reasonable price for my home was, but my husband insisted on asking $10,000 more. Even though we knew it was a little high to ask, you guys were up for the challenge. I was in disbelief when after only 1 day on the market, you proudly presented a FULL PRICE offer to us. Of course we accepted the offer, and our house was sold! Thank you so much for accepting the challenge my husband gave you, and making sure you did everything possible to meet his expectations and surpassing mine. I know that real estate can be a tough business, but you two have surely gotten it figured out. From one agent to another, I tip my hat to you guys. .
Garlyn and Eileen Barber
We have been in the market for a new home ... and are anticipating a move this summer. I work with computers and websites and this site is very impressive. My hats off to the IT Team that designed this site. If as much care and information is put into your work as you do with your website, all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business. I've seen twenty five to thirty real estate websites thus far but none compare to this in any way, shape or form. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound to crude but it's finally nice to go to a website where they really care.
John B.
Bryan and Rachel, Thank you so much for helping us with the sale of our home. We know it was not an easy home to sell, but you were willing to work with us and work hard until it was sold. And we love the new home that you found for us as well.
Ralph and Sally P.
You Guys Are Awesome!! You have been so understanding and have helped us in getting through the sale of our home.... We are sorry we moved out of state, and that we couldn't buy our next home through your incredible team.
Thanks so much,
Emil and Maureen J.
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